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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hudson River Brick Industry

When people today are crazy with the magnificent achievement in architecture and urban development of New York City, few people concern where those architectural materials for creating the empire came from at that time. As other immortal cities and histories, none of their architectural constructions, forms and scales are not pertinent to reasonable material supplies at the location.

New York City is a miracle, which experienced the greatest growth of any city in the world between 1880 and 1920. Actually from 1770s to 1940s, the growth of New York City was very much dependent on brick, which came from Hudson River Valley.

From 1770s to 1940s, hundreds of brick factories appeared along the Hudson Valley in the zenith of urban development of New York. There are several preconditions allowing the Hudson Valley to be "The World Capital of Brick Industry":
1,voracious market for a substantial, fireproof building material.
2,produced and installed at a very reasonable cost.
3,convenient transportation and distance
4,a large amount of spectacular deposit of clay at the edge of a very navigable waterway.

Reference: "The Great Hudson River Brick Industry", George V. Hutton

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