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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kuressaare Beach House

This is the fourth beach house in the last 170 years of Kuressaare resort. The building situated between the gulf and one of the best remained fortresses in the region – Kuressaare Castle demanded architectural solution that keeps clear the views to the surrounding. Choosing the method of construction was the best way to give the building its postcard like memorable shape, durability and resistance to stormy autumn weather. There are three functional units of space under the roof accommodating life guard, youth activity center and a beach bar as well as toilets and shower rooms. As the sea level rises usually once in a decade the house structure is single shelled covered with diagonally bent steel cladding and timber. The structure can be seen separately, so the next 170 years architects could modify the three boxes or anything else under the roof but the roof itself hopefully stays.

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